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A new benchmark for rotary screen printing ceramic tiles. Ceramic tile printing is stressful on stencils. Increasingly long print runs, heavy mesh wear by abrasive inks and rough surfaces, coupled with high squeegee pressure, all call for novel solutions.
SEFAR® ROTACOMBI is a new Hybrid mesh featuring especially high abrasion resistance in the squeegee direction, coupled with dimensional stability in the stretching direction.

SEFAR® 2 Clamps
Heavyweight stretching system at a lightweight price.
The SEFAR 2 clamps are an economical stretching system - robust enough for standard stretching demands on small to medium format frames.
The SEFAR 2 has easy-to-use loading mechanisms & it was designed using years of practical experience. The result is consistent, high-quality screens on a durable, easy to use, safe stretching system. The SEFAR 2 clamps are available in four different sizes to help create an optimum stretching system. SEFAR 2 clamps are available in 150 mm and 250 mm jaw widths, in regular and long stroke lengths.

SEFAR® 3A Clamps
The SEFAR 3A is a robust and ergonomically conscious stretching system that can rise to the task at hand! Capable of achieving the high screen tensions desired today, and stretching the mesh accurately and safely above the frame with its unique lifting feature, the SEFAR 3A stretching system is a reliable and effective tool for creating optimum screens for your application.

SEFAR® Humicheck
SEFAR® Humicheck checks the humidity of an emulsion on a screen. The equipment works with the technology of capacitive measuring method. It is able to register the humidity «within» the emulsion and give a precise indication of the drying degree of the coating.

SEFAR® Tensocheck-100
Main performance :
Digital display Indication can be changed from N/cm to mm Measurement : electronically Measuring range 4 to 30 N/cm = Readability 0,2 N/cm Measuring range 30 to 60 N/cm = Readability 0,5 N/cm Zero-calibration can be made by user Technical Data: Width 80 mm Length 95 mm Height 115 mm Weight 1050 gr Battery 9 V (6LR61) Measuring range 4 – 60 N/cm.



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