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SEFAR PET 1500 is the popular mesh for virtually every screen printing application
SEFAR® PET 1500's special surface treatment produces the following extra benefits
· Excellent stretching properties
· No degreasing required & improved wetting characteristics
· Better adhesion of emulsion/film to the mesh
· Uniform coating
· Higher-quality printing results
· Simpler stencil stripping
· Longer screen life

This mesh has been specially developed for large Format Screen printing. It meets the toughest demands for printing onto wide surface like Posters, Glass and in textile transfer printing. Even difficult colours and designs reproduce with printing quality.

Engineered with the large format printer in mind
Finer, stronger threads and larger mesh openings

With its reduced thread diameter – just 32 microns – SEFAR LFM has remarkably larger mesh openings and hence an increased amount of open area which offers some outstanding characteristics:
· optimized mesh geometry
· balanced, low elongation
· strength for larger formats
· modest loss of tension

SEFAR PME has been specially developed and engineered by Sefar for the needs of the industrial screen printing .Woven with a special, high module polyester yarn, SEFAR PME stretches quickly to high tensions and allows the screen printer to increase their screen tensions in production. When compared to competitor's material, SEFAR PME exhibits superior tensile strength performance. Screens stretched with SEFAR PME have a lower loss of tension after stretching, and on press.
SEFAR PME improves screen printing quality, and reduces screen printing costs
· SEFAR PME stretches to higher tensions = improved image accuracy
· SEFAR PME provides high dimensional stability due to the balance of warp and weft = quality
  printing results for long runs
· SEFAR PME exhibits minimal loss of tension = increased stencil life
· SEFAR PME decreases exposure times = more screens prepared per day


SEFAR SWM was developed for printing on expansive glass surfaces. It meets the highest demands for large format applications. Even challenging colors and designs will be reproduced with top printing quality.
· Fulfils the highest expectations for prints on glass in widths over 4 meters
· Excellent adhesion of the emulsion – also on CTD equipment
· Adjusted error marking (knot marking)
· No more misprints
· Minimal elongation – increased printing quality, less risk of moiré effect
· Reliable and consistent Swiss quality
· Excellent price / performance ratio

The unique SEFAR® PCF mesh has specially been developed for industrial screen printing of labels, cartridges and three-dimensional objects of every kind.
Industrially manufactured and pre-coated SEFAR® PCF screen printing mesh is characterized by a perfect harmony of mesh, mesh pre-treatment and emulsion.

The Sefar product range consists in screen printing of labels, cartridges and 3D-objects: of various mesh types and coating thicknesses in uniform high quality.
Unique benefits for highest perfection

· Significant reduction of costs due to higher stencil endurance
· Very high durability
· Unique printing precision of finest lines, dots and smallest layout details
· Constant reproducibility, especially with barcodes, characters and similar precision layouts
· Production of customized mesh and coating thicknesses anytime possible



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