San Printech is established in 1998 by the Proprietor Mr. Ashok Newaskar who is qualified  in Technical Chemistry with specialization in printing from VJTI, Mumbai.  Mr. Newaskar has long experience of 30 years in Textile and Graphic Printing Industry. San Printech is specifically established for the supply of screen printing consumables and before its establishment, already this business was being handled by the associate company San Fibres and Chemicals since 1991.  Since October 2010, the firm San Printech is converted to San Printech Pvt. Ltd.

With the intention to supply most famous brands of International reputation to Indian Screen Printing Industry, San Printech took up the authorized agency and distributorship of India  from reputed Multinational European Manufacturers.   With all our efforts to keep good relationship with loyalty to our principals and equally giving to local industry  the best possible services, today San Printech is not only authorized representative to their principals but they are their Partners in India. 


Mesh from Sefar, Switzerland, Screen making Chemicals from Kiwo, Germany, UV & Speciality Inks from Encres Dubuit, France, PU Squeegees from Fimor, France and Speciality Varnishes for Coating as well as Printing from Schmid Rhyner, Switzerland, have enabled San Printech to offer complete package of products required by the Industry. 


All our principals produce and deliver trusted quality.  This has enabled us to offer products of highest quality. We are reliable partners to our all principals.  Reliability results in trust and trust is the basis for a strong successful partnership.  With this principle in mind, we have earned a strong market position in all sectors of screen printing. 


“Perfect stencils for highest quality and top print results”, this is the goal of our customers and our goal as well.  Our technical team always try to find improved solutions to customer based difficulties and advising them to reach optimal solutions.  In all aspects of our business, our team is actively engaged in supporting our customers. 

Thus, our principals as well as our customers, both are our partners and we seek long term relationship with our business partners.



We strongly believe that vision without action is a dream.  Action without vision is simply passing the time.  Only action with vision makes positive difference.

We want to help our clients to produce their Best by providing them the world's best quality Raw Material with best possible technical support.


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